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idk my bff mori

November 2008



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Nov. 9th, 2008

idk my bff mori

[IC] Time to say goodbye

*on the bed in one of the rooms in cottage 15 sits Kaoru, with a neatly arranged, half-played round of Solitaire in front of him. There's nothing off about that image, is there? Except maybe for how it's 2 a.m., he's fully dressed, and the room is pitch black. And beside him on the bed is a rather pathetic-looking fox with dull fur and drooping ears.*

[ooc; Because a reaction to Hikaru going home has to be played out sometime anyway. Locked to the residents in cottage 15. Come meet Kaoru's daemon; Archeleron, who misses Hikaru just as much as he does. Yes, it is a male daemon |D]

Aug. 3rd, 2008

idk my bff mori

[OOC] Info/Permissions

Name: Hitachiin Kaoru
Age: 16
Hair: Bright orange.
Eyes: Golden.
Height: 175 cm/5'9"
Weight: Not sure, might come back later with info if found.
Bloodtype: B

Medical info: Kaoru is a normal, healthy teenage boy - although a little on the skinny side.

Physical Traits: He's identical to Hikaru; his older twin brother. Normally, you won't be able to tell them apart (unless you're extremely observant, a mindreader or Haruhi) unless you make the effort to learn who parts their hair in which direction. And one you've learned that, they'll start swapping hairstyles with each other just to spite you ♥

What's Okay to Mention: Anything goes!

(What's Not Okay to Mention:) ...unless it's things that has been brought up in the manga but not the anime. Please contact me beforehand if you have any questions concerning this?

Notes For the Psychics: Kaoru and Hikaru does Not Like to be Told Apart. Unless you go about it in the right way. Which you won't. Please see application for the long, complicated stuffs?

Hugging/Kissing/Nicknaming: Sure, but it'll be awkward and probably cause bouts of jealousy from a certain twin brother/ No, thank you ^^ / Sure, go ahead!

Maiming/Killing/Death: No to all three. I want him to stay alive, please.

Other facts: I think that's all! For the moment. Maybe. ...I'm sleepy |D
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idk my bff mori

[OOC] Application

[Name/Nickname] Elict
[Age] 19
[Main journal] elict     

[Character] Hitachiin Kaoru
[Age] 16
[Canon] Ouran High School Host Club (anime and a liiiittle manga)
[Point of time in canon from which the character is taken] End of the anime with some influences from the manga >.>


Will fix up stupid typos when I feel like it.